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Patrick Henry Hughes and his father share an incredible story of
tragedy to triumph and have been featured on ESPN, Oprah, The
Ellen Show, Extreme Make Over Home Edition, The Today Show, all
the major news networks, Million Dollar Round Table, The Grand Ole
Opry, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and many, many others.  
Patrick Henry is a remarkable young man who was born without eyes
and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, making
him unable to walk.  Additionally, two steel rods were surgically
attached to Patrick's spine to correct scoliosis.

In the face of incredible odds from birth, Patrick has overcome these
physical issues to excel as a musician, student, performer and public
speaker.  Patrick started playing the piano at the age of only nine
months and also plays the trumpet and sings. He even participated in
the University of Louisville Marching Band for five seasons with help
from his father, Patrick John Hughes, who tirelessly maneuvered
Patrick’s wheelchair through the formations during practices and
games with the other 220+ members of the Cardinal Marching Band.
Along with marching band, Patrick's dad spent his days attending
classes on campus assisting his son while working the overnight
shift five nights a week for a major package shipping company so
that Patrick Henry could achieve his greatest potential. Patrick Henry
was usually a straight 'A' student, having received only 3 'B's'
during his entire primary/secondary educational experience and
graduated from the Univ.of Louisville magna cum laude in 2010.
Patrick was a Spanish language major and speaks Spanish fluently.  

Patrick and his dad have made appearances all across the United
States and have even shared their story in Asia, Canada, South
America, Central America and Europe. Their first book, I AM
POTENTIAL, is published and available around the country and the
world in different languages.  The book has also been turned into a
feature length film called I Am Potential.  Patrick has recorded 2 CD's.
UL magna cum laude 2010
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